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3 Key Elements to Consider When Selecting Your First Cowboy Hat

It's important to try on different cowboy hats before buying one. Keep reading for 3 key elements to consider when selecting your first cowboy hat.
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John B. Stetson created the first cowboy hat named the “Boss of the Plains” in 1865. This hat of old didn’t look much like the cowboy hats we know today. It was made of out rabbit or beaver fur. 

Over time, the cowboy hat developed into the hats we know and love today. The cowboy hats we wear today are as much fashion as they are function. 

Follow these three tips to ensure you make the right selection when buying your women’s western hat. 

1. Fit 

Finding the right size cowboy hat isn’t like throwing on a baseball cap. A cowboy hat isn’t adjustable, so it’s important to find the correct size, or you won’t enjoy wearing your western hat. 

For the best fit, you should have a professional hat retailer measure your head. Most women are either a 6 7/8″, 7″ or 7 1/8″. To measure yourself at home, you need a soft tape measure. 

Hold the tape firm and measure around your head where the hat will sit. Don’t pull it too tight or let it be loose. 

You know that you have the right size when it fits snug on your head. It shouldn’t blow off in the wind or shift on its own. 

2. Material 

When and where you plan on wearing your hat will influence what type of material you choose. Modern cowboy hat materials include leather, felt, straw, and wool. 

Colder winter weather calls for felt or wool hats. A straw hat works better int he summer months since they allow for more airflow. 

You also need to think about the types of events you’ll wear the hat to. Straw will give you a more laid back and casual look. Leather, wool, and felt will give you a more refined and elegant look. 

3. Style 

When it comes to choosing the style of your hat, you can go based on your tastes, but this may not be the right choice. Your hat is going to draw attention to your face, so you need to think about your face shape when choosing your hat style. 

If you choose a hat with a crown that is too high or too short for the length of your face, you end up looking unbalanced. This isn’t attractive. Those with thinner and longer faces look best with a medium crown height. 

Then you need to think about the size of the brim. Look for a brim size that compliments your scale. Too large and it will overpower your face.

Once you have your hate shape picked out, it’s time to make it your own. There are countless band and accessory options available. You could go for a plain colored ribbon or something more intricate and woven

Then you could have a bow, feathers, or jewels adorning the band. 

Select Your Cowboy Hat

By following these tips, you’ll select the perfect cowboy hat for your face, style, and event. Then you can wear your hat as the perfect accessory. 

Don’t be afraid to coordinate your hat with the rest of your outfit. Maybe you love jewel tones; you could get a hat in a rich berry or brilliant teal color. 

Browse our wide selection of western hats and find the one that fits your style perfectly. 


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