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Color Combo Tips: Colorways for the Western Fashionista

Fashionistas primarily focus on modern trends for the urban landscape, but what about western fashion? Here's how to match clothes for the urban cowgirl.
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When it comes to looking fashionable, the color combinations you choose to wear play a major role in pulling off a modern western look.

Pay attention to what colors are trending in a season, like blues in the moment, and don’t be shy about thinking about pattern as color. Animal prints are a definite neutral this season but lend a fun pop of color and texture to your look.

To help you think about color in a new way while refreshing your western wardrobe, we are providing you with color combinations that you can wear right now.

Let’s dive in to your closet and start styling new looks.

1. Start with a neutral base

For our Winter season, we are totally crushing on neutrals. Gray skirts with white sweaters, denim on denim over neutral camis, black jeans with black tops… you get the idea.

We all have a closet full of neutrals so let’s begin there, but make it intentional. Go super neutral then we will begin the western layer.

2. Bring in color and texture through accessories

So we’ve sorted through your closet and pulled a bunch of neutrals out. It feels a bit basic so it’s time to really amp up the western style through accessories.

Western Hats this season are popping in color. Gorgeous reds and blues are making their headline debut and look great with your neutrals. Layer on colored necklaces or stick with a multi-strand Navajo Pearl piece to add texture and interest to your neutral base.

Lastly, finish off your look with a bold pop of color in your bag. Saddle bags are bright this season and bring in loads of movement with long layered fringe.

3. Wear Appropriate Colors for the Season

We naturally associate certain colors with certain seasons. This winter, we are loving the darker and more natural color bases with an infusion of color in accessories.

When the weather starts to warm up, however, get ready for a color explosion in spring dresses and western accessories.

4. Wear Pattern as Color

Hello, leopard print! Or snake, or cheetah. Animal prints are holding their ground this season as the go-to for everything from cute dresses to jackets and footwear. Animal prints are being worn in their traditional neutral brown, black and beige but are also fun in turquoise, blush and unexpected colors like orange or green.

With your strong base of solid neutrals, infuse one or two key colored patterns to your wardrobe and you are set for the season.

Western Fashion is for Everyone

Remember that western-style clothing can be both masculine and feminine. Thus, no gender is left out went it comes to western wear and the color combinations that can go with it. 

To learn more about how to match clothes that are western in style, check out our other blog articles. To learn more about the West Mule Co. in general, read our story on our website.


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