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Fringe Clothes Roundup: Nailing That Old Town Look

Fringe is in for global fashion trends, borrowing a staple from every cowboy/girl's closet. These are some fringe clothes that will turn heads and twirl hats.
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The fringe trend has been all over the runways the last few seasons, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. 

Want to sport the look? Good idea!

There are plenty of ways to wear fringe, from jackets to boots to bags. 

We’ve broken down the best ways to wear fringe clothes that suit your style and taste.

Read on for more! 


Leather and suede make the most sense when it comes to fringe. Both materials are popular in the cowboy/cowgirl aesthetic. 

Leather or suede jacket is a perfect year-round coverup. You can opt for black leather with fringe to make the look a little more subtle and classic. Or go all out with a brown bour bourbon suede jacket with fringe to really commit to the trend. 

The style can be worn by both men and women. 

Boots and Shoes

When it comes to women’s fashion, you may have seen heeled booties with fringe detail or cool fringe suede sneakers. 

This is a fun way to rock the trend without over committing to the look. 

Leather boots with fringe are the way to go, and if you want to add in some more fun, select a boot with a pop of color. Think earthy tones like Turquoise, black and tan to keep it neutral. 


A fringed handbag adds movement and texture to your purse. 

It can be a showstopping statement piece that compliments the rest of your outfit. Keep other pieces simple and classic. 

A fringed bag goes perfectly with a white tee, structured blazer, and jeans. Allow the bag to be your only piece of southwestern flair. 

Most designers are doing their fringed bags in black leather, which is a more timeless and class approach to the look. These are also more likely to withstand the test of time and outlive the trend. 

Skirts and Tops 

Tops and leather skirts are super cute and flirty when you add a fringe detail. 

There’s nothing more classic country than a great fringe leather skirt and you can get really playful when it comes to adding fringe details to your top. A fringe camisole is basic and elevated in the same moment and pairs with animal prints in a really fun and unexpected way.


If you want to take a more subtle approach to this style, accessorizing with fringe is the way to go. Think about incorporating a statement earring with fringe detail into your rotation. 

Try These Fringe Fashions Today

With the style guide above, you have several ways to incorporate fringe clothes and accessories into your wardrobe. 

Remember to stick to just one piece with fringe detail so you don’t overdo it. Dive into this fun trend to get that old town look you’ve been searching for! 

Check out the rest of our site for more style tips and inspiration.  


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