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How to Buy Cowboy Boots: 5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Pair

Learn how to buy cowboy boots that are perfect for you. These five tips will help you make your decision based on comfort and style.
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Are you considering buying a pair of cowboy boots? Given that $1.2 billion are spent a year in the United States on western boots, how do you make sure to spend your hard-earned dollars wisely?

Learn how to buy cowboy boots. These five tips will help you find the perfect pair of cowboy boots for you.

1. Know Your Purpose

Start by being clear about why you are buying cowboy boots. Knowing the purpose of your cowboy boots will help you make the decision about which cowboy boots are right for you.

Cowboy boots might have started out as the workwear of early ranch worker but they are so much more than that now. Cowboy boots have morphed into different types of boot depending on their purpose.

If you intend to use your cowboy boots as they were first intended, you need a robust functional boot that will take the pressure. There are several styles of working boot depending on the wearer’s role.

If your intention is to make a fashion statement, your choices are more driven by appearance, style and just the right amount of fringe. The boots you chose have to make a statement and turn eyes rather than do a good day’s work.

2. Choose Your Style

Working boots include boots for riding, roping or general-purpose work.

A riding boot has a mid-calf shaft, as well as a tough toe, in case of stray horse hooves.

A roper boot is designed for riding and dismounting quickly to rope a calf. It needs to be more flexible and has a shorter shaft.

A general-purpose western work boot is comfortable for walking and even running. It has a short shaft and a rounded toe.

Fashion versions of the cowboy boot tend to follow the more charismatic image of the riding boot. A longer shaft provides more opportunities for decoration too.

3. Choose Your Leather

Choosing the leather for your cowboy boot is partly driven by your purpose and partly by personal preference.

Calfskin is comfortable because it’s flexible but it’s tough and hardwearing too. The long days and sometimes nights riding the range demand a boot that you can wear around the clock. Some faux leather cowboy boots can achieve high-quality standards too.

For eye-catching boots that don’t have to be practical, choose a more exotic leather. Snakeskin, caiman or even ostrich have more unusual textures and natural patterns.

4. Choose Your Sole

Leather soles are what you need if you expect to be riding regularly. Higher heels fit nicely into the stirrups and help you control your horse.

Shorter heels or even rubber soles are more practical for working on foot. The roper boot is a great example of this. A western work boot is another.

5. How to Buy Cowboy Boots That Fit

A pair of well-fitting cowboy boots will allow your toes to wiggle and provide support for your feet. If your heel lifts slightly as you walk, that’s a good fit.

The Perfect Pair

Follow this guide and you’ll know how to buy cowboy boots. Knowing how to wear them is more about a state of mind.

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