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Rodeo Season: 5 Key Things to Wear to the Rodeo

It's important to look the part while attending the Rodeo. Keep reading for rodeo season: 5 key things to wear to the rodeo.

Have you booked your tickets but not sure what to wear when you go to the rodeo? Don’t worry, with this guide; you will get a peek into what the rodeo regulars turn to for outfits and even the key accessories to wear when planning a trip to a popular rodeo event

From western tops to fringe skirts, the dress code is slightly more creative than you might think. Let’s take a look at what women wear to the rodeo: 

Flared Jeans With a Cute Top

Flared jeans are the perfect attire to wear to rodeo events. With their wide bottoms, they fit over cowboy boots perfectly, and are really on trend this season. These aren’t the 1970’s bell bottoms, either. Look for flared denim with a high rise inseam. Or, lean in on the western fabric loved by all, serape.

You can pair the pant with any stylish top you feel comfortable in. However, flared jeans and pants look best with a graphic tee or a tank top for a casual look. 

In order to complete your outfit, make sure to accessorize with a layered necklace or a chunky concho belt (or both!). You can even add a western-themed saddle blanket bag to round out your rodeo look. 

Western Top With a Wild Rag

Western tops are another great option to wear to a rodeo event, especially if you pair them with a wild rag. Wild rags are known for their creative patterns and can bring a pop of color to your outfit.

Wear your wild rag tied at the neck with a silver and turquoise ring over the knot, tied in your hair, or tied on your bag. It’s a super cute accessory to have on you at the Rodeo.

Flannel With Boots    

Flannel tops and dresses are always in style for the rodeo. Flannel dresses are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous styles and changing color patterns. 

You can pair the outfit with a western fringe bag and punch it up with a great silver concho belt. But don’t forget to add cowboy boots. If you need to buy some new boots, check out rodeo collection at The West Mule Co. for inspiration. 

Skirt With a Cute Top 

One of the best skirts for rodeo events is a fringe skirt! Its playful texture works perfectly with the outdoors. Also, its down to earth vibe pairs exceptionally well with cowboy boots. All you need is a stylish shirt, a cowboy hat, and your ready to hit the road.  

If you don’t like the idea of a fringe skirt, high to low and mini skirts work well with rodeos, too. But make sure to add accessories like a patterned cuff or tassel earrings in order to complete your look.  

Shorts With Boots 

This outfit will certainly keep you cool during the hot summer rodeo, through not the best option for the cold weather rodeos. Embrace your inner farm girl like Daisy Duke and pull on those cut off jeans. Tie up a button down shirt over a cami and throw on your boots and you will fit right in at the rodeo.

Don’t forget a cute cowboy hat and a fringe purse to round the shorts and western boots look. 

Final Thoughts on Rodeo Attire All in all, getting dressed for rodeo events can be a creative process. With flared jeans, graphic tees, cowboy hats, and boots of all colors, the possibilities are endless. For more information on rodeo attire, check out our rodeo collection.


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